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A. Purpose of Table. The standard land use table provides for the regulation and administration of land uses in the various zones in the City. This table indicates what types of land uses are allowed in each individual zone in the City. The letter N indicates a particular use is not allowed in a given zone, a C indicates a use is conditional and subject to Chapter 17.20. and 17.22. of the Lindon City Code and a P indicates a use is permitted.

B. Primary and Secondary Uses. Land uses identified in this table are intended to regulate primary uses of parcels or structures. In some instance some land uses not allowed as a permitted or conditional use may be allowed when the use is secondary or ancillary to the main or primary use of the property when such use is found to be harmonious and compatible with the zone in which the use is located.

(Secondary or ancillary use shall be defined as a use which does not occupy more then 20% of the site or constitute more than 20% of the business.)

C. Authority to require public hearings. The Planning Director and/or the Planning Commission shall have the authority to refer any application for any ‘permitted’ or ‘conditional use’ for consideration at a public hearing if the Planning Director and/or Planning Commission determines the application to have more than routine significance for which the surrounding property owners should be notified in order to protect the public interest.