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A hive shall be placed on property so that the general flight pattern of the honeybees is in a direction that will deter honeybee contact with humans and domesticated animals as follows:

1. If any portion of a hive is within fifteen (15) feet from an adjacent property line or public access point as measured from the nearest point on the hive to the property line, a flyway barrier at least six (6) feet in height shall be established and maintained around the hive except as needed to allow access.

2. Such flyway shall consist of a solid wall, a fence, dense vegetation, or other similar permanent obstruction, and must extend at least ten (10) feet along the property line beyond the hive in each direction so that honeybees are forced to fly to an elevation of at least six (6) feet above ground level over property lines in the vicinity of the apiary.

Such flyway may not violate any other provision of Lindon City Code. (Ord. 2012-16, adopted, 2012)