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The city council finds that the city's storm water system, sanitary sewer system, culinary water system, secondary water system, and solid waste collection system are interrelated services that are part of a unified city plan to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the city and its residents and the environment. The fees charged for each of the services listed above shall be contained in a unified billing statement and billed monthly by the city. If there is no regular utility bill for the property, the storm water utility fee shall be charged directly to the owner of the property. The fee shall be deemed a civil debt owed to the city by the person or entity contracting for the city utility services provided to the property, or if there is no such contracting person or entity, then it is a civil debt owed by the record property owner. All properties shall be charged the fee, regardless of whether or not the owner or occupant of the property requests the storm water utility service. Failure to pay any portion of the utility bill may result in the termination of any and all services provided by the city, including culinary or secondary water service. (Ord. 97-14, adopted, 1997)