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1. Whenever strict compliance with the provisions of chapter 18.05 would cause a hardship on the applicant, the Planning Commission may waive, modify or adjust the requirements for legal nonconforming signs if the sign modification request meets all of the following requirements:

a. Literal enforcement of the sign ordinance would cause a hardship for the applicant that is not necessary to carry out the general purpose, goals, and character of the underlying zoning district.

b. There are special circumstances attached to the property that do not generally apply to other property in the same district; (example - deep narrow lots, number of businesses in one commercial complex, geographic features of land such as slope, etc.)

c. The modification will not substantially affect the general plan and will not be contrary to the public interest; and

d. The spirit of the sign ordinance, Title 18, and land development ordinance, Title17, is observed and substantial justice is done.

2. In granting such change, the Planning Commission may impose such additional conditions as will, in its judgment, substantially secure the objectives of the standards or requirements that are waived, adjusted or modified. Any recommendations or authorized changes shall be entered into the minutes of the Planning Commission, together with the circumstances that justified the changes granted. (Ord. 2005-12, amended, 2005; Ord. 2002-21, repealed and replaced, 2002; Ord. 99-12, amended, 2000)