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The City shall immediately confiscate any sign located on public property in violation of City ordinances. Confiscated signs shall be stored at a location determined by the Public Works Director for a period of sixty days, during which time the owner or person having charge, control or benefit of the confiscated sign may redeem the sign after payment of enforcement costs to the City in an amount determined by the City Council. Payment of costs to the City shall be made to the Planning Department which shall issue a release notice for redemption of the sign upon payment of costs. Lindon City shall be held harmless for any damages incurred to signs as a result of their confiscation. In addition to enforcement costs, sign owners and persons having charge, control and/or benefit of any sign erected in violation of this title shall be liable for any damages caused to public property, public facilities or public utilities by reason of the placement, attachment and/or removal of such unlawful signs. Signs not redeemed within sixty days shall be destroyed.