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1. Permits required. Except as provided in this title it shall be unlawful for any person to erect, alter or relocate a sign within Lindon City without first obtaining a sign permit from the City.

2. Permission of Property Owner. No person shall erect, construct or maintain any sign upon any property without the consent of the owner, or person entitled to possession of the property or their authorized representative.

3. Application. Application for a permit shall be made to the City upon a form provided by the City and shall contain such information as may be required to assure compliance with all appropriate laws and ordinances of the City, including but not limited to the following information:

a. A site plan drawn to scale indicating the location of the proposed signage, existing signage, existing and future buildings, property lines, streets, sidewalks, landscaped areas, parking areas, and driveways.

b. A drawing to scale indicating the proposed sign dimensions, construction specifications, electrical components and wiring, method of attachment, and character of structural members to which attachment will be made.

c. An elevation drawing of existing or future buildings that will display the attached signage.

d. Any other reasonably related information deemed necessary by the City.

4. Permit Issuance Term.

a. The City shall issue a permit for the erection, alteration or relocation of a sign within the City when an application has been properly made, the appropriate fees have been paid, and the proposed sign complies with all appropriate laws of the City.

b. Every permit issued by the City under the provisions of this title shall expire and become null and void if the work authorized by such permit is not commenced within sixty (60) days from the date of such permit, or if the work authorized by such permit is suspended or abandoned prior to completing the sign for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days or more at any time after the work is commenced. Before such work can be commenced or resumed a new permit shall be obtained and the new fee paid. The new fee shall be one-half (½) the amount required for the original permit provided no changes have been made in the original plans and specifications and that such suspension or abandonment has not exceeded one year.

c. The City may in writing suspend or revoke a permit issued under provisions of this title whenever the permit is issued on the basis of a material omission or misstatement of fact or in violation of any ordinance.

d. No permit for a sign issued by the City shall be deemed to constitute permission or authorization to maintain a public or private nuisance nor shall any permit issued hereunder constitute a defense in an action to abate a nuisance.

e. The City may issue temporary sign permits for the display of temporary on- site signs. Temporary sign permits shall describe the terms, limitations and conditions of the temporary sign.

f. Sign permits for new or additional signs shall not be issued for a specific occupancy if such occupancy displays unlawful or legal nonconforming signs. A sign permit may be issued for a specific occupancy provided the terms of the permit specify modification or removal of nonconforming signs resulting in conformity with this title.

g. Signs for which a permit has been issued shall not be erected, installed, maintained, or displayed except in complete conformance with all terms, requirements, and stipulations specified by the permit.

5. Sign inspections. All signs requiring a permit shall have the following inspections unless waived by the Chief Building Official:

a. Footing inspections on all freestanding signs.

b. Electrical inspections on all illuminated or electrical signs.

c. Expansion inspections where evidence shall be provided to show that the existing sign can structurally support an increase in size and weight to the sign.

d. Final inspections which shall cover the sign location, structural members and placement of the insignia.

6. Fees. Fees required by this title shall be paid in an amount set by the City Council.