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The City Council of Lindon City finds and declares that the provisions set forth in this title shall:

1. Reduce potential hazards to motorists and pedestrians by providing adequate signage in order to identify a business or facility while eliminating excessive, obtrusive, and confusing sign displays and excessive illumination.

2. Encourage sign owners to integrate signs with buildings and sites through use of similar building materials and moderate sign proportions.

3. Preserve and improve the aesthetic appearance of the City as a place in which to live and work by reducing or prohibiting signage that is overbearing, creates visual clutter or excessive illumination, or is not consistent with the design guidelines of Lindon City.

4. Allow each business to clearly identify itself and the goods and services which it offers.

5. Safeguard and enhance property values by allowing for aesthetically pleasing signage that will help to promote economic development and attract quality businesses to the City.

6. Protect public and private investment in buildings and open space.

7. Preserve freedom of speech.

8. Promote public health, safety, community standards, public morals and the general welfare of the citizens of Lindon City.