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1. Any user subject to a pretreatment standard, after the compliance date of such pretreatment standard, or, in the case of a new source, after commencement of the discharge into the POTW, shall submit to the POTW Manager a report indicating the nature and concentration of pollutants in the effluent which are limited by the pretreatment standards. This report shall be submitted during the months of April and October for the respective preceding six month period, unless required more frequently in the pretreatment standard or by the POTW Manager. In addition, the report shall include a record of all daily flows during the reporting period. At the discretion of the POTW Manager and in consideration of such factors as local high or low flow rates, holidays, budget cycles, etc., the POTW Manager may alter the months during which the above reports are to be submitted.

2. The POTW Manager may impose mass limitations on users which are using dilution to meet applicable pretreatment standards or requirements, or in other cases where the impositions of mass limitations are appropriate. In such cases, the report required by subparagraph (A) of this Section shall indicate the mass of pollutants regulated by pretreatment standards in the effluent of the user. These reports shall contain the results of sampling and analysis of the discharge, including the flow and the nature and concentration, or production and mass where requested by the POTW Manager, of pollutants contained therein which are limited by the applicable pretreatment standards. The frequency of monitoring shall be prescribed in the applicable pretreatment standard. All analysis shall be performed in accordance with procedures established by the EPA Administrator pursuant to Section 304(h) of the Act and contained in 40 CFR. Part 136 and amendments thereto, or with any other test procedures approved by techniques approved by the EPA Administrator.